Welcome to Tampa Party Group Information page.
This page was designed to give you information about our group.
Signing up for a party:
Please follow the directions below.

  • Sign up for the party as the directions tell you to do. (Don't try to sign up by making a post).
  • Generally parties start at 9pm and the door lock at 10pm. (Unless prior arrangements are made).
  • Couples and single females can arrive from 8pm-10pm.
  • Single men can arrive after 9pm.
  • We do not allow picture taking or video recording at our parties.
  • If you sign up for an event and don't bother to call or email 3 hours before the event, you might be
    removed from the group and future parties.
  • If something comes up and you cancel 3 hours before the event, you will have a mark against you, after
    3 marks against you, you will be removed from the group and not invited to future events.

Party Rules:
If it your first time to a party, here is some of the things you can expect.

  • We take roll, so make sure you sign in, so we know you showed up.
  • If you are single you can attend a party, just follow the rules.
  • No one is required to play with anyone.
  • Ask before you touch.
  • No means no the first time.
  • BYOB, we usually only supply snacks and water. You need to ask to drink someone else's drinks they
    bring to the party.
  • Clean up after yourself, this is not your house. Clean up condoms, condom wrappers, chips, bottles, ect.
  • Dress for the theme. (i.e. towel, underwear, toga, and so on).
  • Dress like you are going on a date. You need to be showered and smelling good.
Type of parties defined:

Gangbangs (greedy girl)  80-90% men 10-20% women. This type of party usually has 2 or 3 ladies are having
sex with large amount of men one after another.

Dark grope room varies with men and women. This type of party is usually in a dark grope room, the room is
almost completely dark. This is for people who are interested in groping, touching, and playing in the dark. (You
are not required to ask before you touch in this room).

Creampie  80-90% men 10-20% women. This type of party can have 1 to 5 women that are having men cum
inside their pussy one after another.

Orgy 60-70% men 30-40% women. This type of party has a mix of women and men having oral, intercourse, and

Swingers 50-60% men 40-50% women. This type of party has larger number of couples playing with each other.

Bukkake 90-95% men 5-10% women. This is the type of party is where a woman or women when will either have
give blow jobs or just have you jerk off and then cum on their face, tits, or mouth one after another. There is
usually no intercourse with these type of parties.

Fetishes mixed. These parties can be from foot, diaper, spanking, slapping, fake rape, tied up, blindfolded, ect.

Nudist resort party. These are a mixed crowd and at these parties you have to be nude threw the whole party.
These resorts normally charge a maintenance fee.

Theater party. These type of parties are held at an adult theater. Couples will request to have a party at one of
these places. We will either play in the main theater or/both play in the glory hole. (A glory hole is a hole inside
of a small booth were men will stick thier penis threw and have it sucked.
If you have any questions, or you would like us to throw you a
party at NO CHARGE, please feel free to contact Rick or Tonya at