4715 N Lois Ave.
Tampa, FL 33614.
Fantasyland- is one the cleanest adult theaters in the Tampa Bay area. The theater is under new management and
new owners and let me tell you they have done some amazing changes. Fantasyland now offer alot of adult toys,
costumes, clothes, and DVDs. We have a large pool room with four pool tables, two large screen theaters, and a
couples room. We recently just added four theme rooms such as cowboy, Greek, S&M, and Asian. All the theme
rooms have doors you can close and lock for privacy. The theater has all of the touches of an upscale night club.
Come and see all the new upgrades. Check out some of the changes below. Click here for a
sample of our products.
Sales floor
Sales floor
Theater entrance
Greek theme room
Asian theme room
Cowboy theme room
S&M theme room
Pool room
Conversation area
Entrance to the Mini booths
Mini booths
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