Adult sites
Most of these sites are Yahoo groups which are free. However, there are a few pay sites. The reason i list
the pay sites is that, you can only get an invite to their parties if you belong to their site.

  • Hidden Cam - Hidden camera in a public toilet. (free new)

  • Upskirt - This site offers free upskirt videos. (free new)

  • Two girls creampie - This site is a collection of videos of two women and a creampie. (free new)

  • Dixie Tailor Park - This website offers local Tampa parties for its members. (fee based)

  • Northwest ladies- This a model site, you can preview alot of the photos free. (free)

  • BBW babes- BBW ladies looking for men to play with. (free)

  • Hal's site- This is one crazy fucker, but he throws some wild ass parties. (free)

  • BBW sex parties- Basically getting together with BBW's and having a good time. (free)

  • Orlando swinger- This guy has his own house where he throws parties for swingers. (free)

  • Florida meets- This group likes to meet swingers in hotel rooms on the road. (free)

  • Pee and bedwetting- By request we have made a webpage full of bedwetting and pee links. (free)

  • Redtube- This is a free adult video site. (free)

  • Xvedeos- This site offers 1,000 of free adult videos. (free)

  • Spankwire- This site has a go mobile feature which is pretty cool. (free)